Consigning Your Items

We accepts almost all items on consignment that have a reasonable resale value. We consign single items and entire collections. Our consignment fees are competitive.

Discover our unique consignment program, “30 Day Display”. This program allows you to display your item on our Gallery floor and if it doesn’t sell within 30 days we will take it to auction for you. You can always consign it strictly for the upcoming auction.  Now you have a Choice!

Selling your Items

We understand special circumstances may arise and you simply want to sell immediately, rather than wait for auction. Perhaps you are down-sizing, or moving, you may want us to buy your merchandise up-front, we will do that for you.

We are not collectors and we purchase all items with the intent of selling them in one of our auction formats, whether it be live, internet or off the Gallery floor. Because items at auction can go higher or lower than an estimated value, purchased items are anticipated to sell at the lower end of the spectrum and are valued accordingly. In certain situations, we may advance money against consigned goods of significant value.


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